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SharePoint Server 2013 Virtual Machine Setup Guide (v3.0)

The very best SharePoint Server 2013 RTM Virtual Machine Setup Guide available. A step-by-step guide complete with links to trial versions of all the software needed to create a SharePoint Server 2013 VM for development, testing or to complete the labs associated with Critical Path Training’s technical classes.


3/1/2014: (v2.0) Now includes the latest version of Visual Studio, new updated PowerShell scripts and enhanced error reporting to troubleshoot issues when building the VM.

5/28/2014: (v2.1) VM Setup Guide updated to include new software releases by Microsoft.

  • Update the OS from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Update SharePoint Server 2013 install/configuration instructions to use SP1.
  • Update Visual Studio 2013 install to get the latest version (March 2014) of the Office/SharePoint dev tools
  • Update Office 2013 Pro install to add SP1
  • Update the SharePoint Designer 2013 install to add SP1

7/2/2014: (v2.1.1) Miscellaneous bug fixes.

7/15/2014: (v3.0) MAJOR RELEASE. Version 3.0 will step you through configuring and testing each and every SharePoint BI-integration feature. This includes step-by-step directions for configuring Excel Services, PowerPivot for SharePoint, SQL Reporting Services, PowerView for SharePoint, PerformancePoint Services, Visio Services and, last but not least, Access Services. The guide will also step you through setting up Microsoft’s infamous AdventureWorks database in SQL Server and building a multidimensional cube with SQL Server Analysis Services. By install this sample data, you can immediately begin to kick the tires on all the new data analysis features and reporting tools.

Consuming the SharePoint 2013 REST Interface via WCF Data ServicesAs of the April 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013, the $metadata endpoint is now available. This whitepaper discusses consuming this REST API using the WCF Data Services library, highlighting similarities and differences with other approaches for consuming REST services as well as other approaches for consuming SharePoint data.
CPT Admin Class SharePoint Server 2013 Setup Guide (v1.1)NOTE: This VM set-up guide is for students taking a Critical Path Training IT Pro/admin class. This is a modified version of our SharePoint 2013 VM Setup Guide. If you are not taking our SharePoint 2013 IT Pro class, you want to download the SharePoint Server 2013 Virtual Machine Setup Guide (v1.0).
The SharePoint Server 2013 Farm Build-out scripts (v1.0)This zip file contains a set of Windows PowerShell scripts and accompanying documentation that can by used to automate the creation and configuration of a SharePoint Server 2013 farm in an on-premises environment. These scripts should be used to create the virtual machines (VMs) that students work on to complete lab exercises in SharePoint 2013 courses created by Critical Path Training.
Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Sneak PreviewGet an early look at the upcoming Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 book by Ted Pattison, Andrew Connell and Scot Hillier from Microsoft Press®. Learn what’s new with the SharePoint developer platform from the industry’s leading experts on SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. This special excerpt provides insightful information for professional developers who are already experienced with SharePoint Server 2007, as well as .NET developers just beginning with the SharePoint development platform.
SharePoint Server 2010 RTM Virtual Machine Setup Guide (v1.8)The very best SharePoint Server 2010 RTM Virtual Machine Setup Guide available. A step-by-step guide complete with links to trial versions of all the software needed to create a SharePoint Server 2010 VM for development, testing or to complete the labs associated with Critical Path Training’s technical classes.
SharePoint 2010 Guidance from the Patterns & Practices GroupRecently the Patterns & Practices (P&P) group at Microsoft announced their completion and public availability of the SharePoint 2010 Guidance (SPG). The SPG provides technical details on key areas of SharePoint 2010 app development and contains a written guide (as a compiled CHM help file), reference implementations with source code and fully documented in the CHM as well as a library of reusable code. In this article I explain what the SPG is and why it is import to developers.
Troubleshooting SharePoint SearchMatthew McDermott presents two approaches he uses to troubleshoot specific search errors. The first is a tool for troubleshooting iFilters the second for watching the actual crawl activity.
Seven Development Projects for Office SharePoint Server 2007 by MSPressFree book given away at TechEd 2006 by Microsoft in which Ted Pattison contributed multiple chapters to.
Understanding Field Controls and Web Parts in Publishing sitesAndrew Connell explains the details of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 field controls and Web Parts and how they differ, and best practices for when to use each type of control.
SharePoint Designer – Friend or Foe?As SharePoint sites continue to spread like wildfire across the corporate landscape, many companies are contemplating when and where to use the SharePoint Designer (SPD) to apply their corporate branding and to utilize SPD productivity features such as creating and formatting DataView Web Parts. While the SPD makes performing customization work quick and easy, Ted Pattison writes there are some things you should always keep in mind.
Finding Developer Help for SharePoint Products and TechnologiesAndrew Connell helps you discover where to find the SDKs, peer-to-peer forums, MSDN developer centers, and Microsoft TechNet resources you need as you develop with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.
Creating Custom SharePoint ThemesWhen it comes to branding in SharePoint, few things are as important as the effective use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This is because CSS is the primary mechanism that Microsoft gives us to override their out of the box look and feel. One excellent way to use CSS to style SharePoint is to use a theme. SharePoint themes take advantage of the CSS concept of “cascading”. The basic idea is that styles that are loaded last on a page typically override styles of the same specificity that were loaded earlier on the page. SharePoint themes are mostly made up of CSS that is overriding already defined out‐of‐the box SharePoint branding. That familiar light blue and white UI can be changed to look radically different just by creating a custom SharePoint theme and applying it to a site.
Understanding the Required Accounts Needed to Install & Config a SharePoint FarmTo say installing SharePoint properly can be overwhelming can be an understatement. Among the many challenges is choosing the correct install accounts. While some administrator may choose to just plug in one “super user” account for everything in the name of convenience this is less than ideal. Also, unknown to many administrators even choosing the proper account to run the install and configuration wizard with initially is very important. In this article we will cover all of the various accounts required to build your farm, what levels of access you need to configure them with, what access SharePoint will assign to them for you, and where you might get away with some reuse.
Designing and Developing High-Performance SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing SitesLearn about the Web Content Management features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that enable organizations to deploy Internet-facing publishing sites, and considerations for developers and designers when designing and building high-performance publishing sites.
Administrator and Developer Guide to Code Access Security in SharePoint Server 2007Understand Microsoft .NET Framework code access security (CAS) and how to work with it in custom SharePoint solutions. Explore configuration options, get best practices for managing CAS in SharePoint environments, and walk through a complex CAS scenario.

Code Samples

Ted’s #SPC14 App Security SamplesSamples from Ted Pattison's Deep dive: SharePoint and Office App Security Model (OAuth & S2S) session at #SPC14. (#SPC409)
Ted’s #SPC14 REST SamplesSamples from Ted's SharePoint App best practices using OData and the SharePoint REST API presentation at SPC14. (#SPC323)
AC’s SPSite Create ScriptSimple utility script AC uses to create site collections.
The Csom Rest Party PackThis zip archive contains four sample SharePoint apps that are discussed in Ted Pattison’s blog post titled “SharePoint app code calls into SharePoint using CSOM and REST calls”.
CPT’s SharePoint 2013 Script LibraryCollection of scripts for SharePoint 2013.
My First jQuery ProjectA demo SharePoint project created with Visual Studio 2010 which shows how to use a Feature and a Module to deploy the core jQuery library as well as the jQuery UI library and a custom jQuery theme within the scope of a site collection.
AC’s SharePoint+Silverlight+MVVM Sample Product BrowserA sample Silverlight 4 application I used to demonstrate developing an app with MVVM Light Toolkit and SharePoint with REST and CSOM. I’ve used it in various presentations as the subject in a few blog posts.
Ted’s MSDN Claim Provider SampleThis code sample is associated with the MSDN article Ted Pattison wrote on “Creating Custom Claims Providers in SharePoint 2010″ that you can find on MSDN.
AC’s DevExpress Webinar DemosSamples from my webinars (more info here:
SharePoint 2010 Custom Document SetThis sample goes along with the MSDN Visual How To that demonstrates how to create a document set declaratively.
SharePoint 2010 Custom Service ApplicationThis sample goes along with the MSDN Visual How To ( that demonstrates how to create a custom service application.
AC’s MVVM CodeRush TemplatesCode expansion templates for Visual Studio 2010 & DevExpress’ CodeRush for Silverlight devleopers.
Adventure Works Travel – Custom Content DB (used in a sample SP2007 WCM to SP2010 WCM Upgrade)The ZIP linked in the attached document contains a SharePoint 2007 SP2 content database containing the customized Adventure Works Travel sample SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management site. This is intended to be used in following the upgrade to SharePoint 2010 steps oulined in this article:
AC’s SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Keep Alive Job Utility (v1.1 – Updated June 7, 2010)Automatically issues an HTTP/HTTPS request to specified pages within a site collection. More details here: Update posted June 7, 2010 (v1.1)… details here:
AC’s SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model DemosThere are three demos in this ZIP and a single WSP. Take the WSP and add it to a SharePoint 2010 site collection’s Solution Gallery, activate the solution and create a new subsite “ClientOM” using the template in the solution. This creates a Team Site with two special lists filled with data: Products and Product Categories. There are three demos in the ZIP. Each demo implements a Product Browser using the different client object models: .NET ClientOM (actually WPF), Silverlight & ECMAScript.
SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site Silverlight 3 Custom Field Type and ControlThis sample goes along with the MSDN white paper ( that demonstrates how to build a Silverlight 3 field type/control for use in a SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site.
SharePoint Conference 2009 – Custom Service ApplicationSample service application from Andrew Connell’s session at the SharePoint Conference 2009 (SPC406)
Auditing DemoThis zip archive contains a sample project created in Visual Studio which demonstrates how to create a custom auditing solution for WSS. This sample is the basis of Ted Pattison’s September 2008 Office Space column for MSDN Magazine.
Litware BrandingThis zip archive contains a sample project demonstrating an end-to-end SharePoint branding solution using a Visual Studio project with three features, a custom HttpModule and a custom UI for branding administration.
CAML_IntelliSense for Visual Studio 2005 & 2008Support for adding SharePoint CAML IntelliSense to Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio 2008. This zip file contains an XML file named sharepoint_catalog.xml and a batch file named install.bat which copies to the correct XML schema directories for versions of Visual Studio.
Sharepoint DebuggerA sample Visual Studio 2005 project which shows how to feature scoped to the Web Application level which uses the WSS object model to update the web.config file back and forth between debug mode setting and standard settings.
Custom Application PagesA sample Visual Studio 2005 project which shows how to develop custom application pages for a WSS 3.0 solution. The project also includes a feature to add menu items to the Site Settings menu to allow for navigation to these custom application pages. The example also shows how to wrap all deployable components inside a solution package for deployment.
Custom Site pagesA sample Visual Studio 2005 project including a feature which provisions site pages from page templates. This sample also shows how to design custom Web Part Pages and how to automatically populate them with Web Parts.
Sample demonstrating Feature staplingSample WSS/MOSS Feature wrapped up in Visual Studio project to demonstrate Feature stapling to GLOBAL site definition.
Document ManagerA sample Visual Studio 2005 project which demonstrates the use of CAML and programming techniques of how to provision document libraries and configure them with custom templates. It also includes examples of generating customer letters with serer-side code using the Office Open XML File Formats.
WSS Object Model ExplorationA sample Visual Studio 2005 project for Ted Pattison’s Tech Ed session on WSS obbject model exploration. I demonstrates all kinds of ways to use the WSS OM that were not possible in WSS 2.0.
Litware Web PartsA sample Visual Studio 2005 project with Web Parts for WSS 3.0. The project includes a feature for provisioning .webpart files into the Web Part gallery and a WSS 3.0 solution package for deploying Web Parts into a production environment.
SharePoint Site BrowserA utility for examines all the sites in the farm written for WSS 2.0 which still works with WSS 3.0.